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Just a reminder to submit deviations to the appropriate category instead of the "featured" category.  IF there is a bug with this, please let me know.  Otherwise, I won't be accepting deviations submitted to incorrect categories.
Just fixed the permissions on submissions.  You should be able to submit to any of the categories now, though I'll still need to approve them.
Ok, so I've given it some thought, and I've decided that it's for the group's best interests if I don't accept works that are obvious screen shot edits of existing media, particularly cartoons.

Games I can be a bit more lenient on, due to the modding community and all, but cartoon and comic edits is gonna have to be an outright no.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but do keep that in mind when submitting things to the gallery. :)
So dA's made this nifty group system which allows admins to keep track of their clubs without switching accounts. It ALSO gives the ability to link member submissions directly to the deviation, so no more faving problems :O

All in all, that's pretty sweet, but the downside is everyone has to rejoin. But it's REALLY easy now. I hear that there's a join button right on the club main page (I can't see it because I'm the admin). Want in? Push the button! It's that simple! I think you still have to note me for deviations though.

I'm still working out all the details for this though (I just made an "announcement", and then found out that I was the only one who could see it" >_> ). Also, if you sent a note during the hiatus, and still want in (because those notes are YEARS old, then just rejoin. It's not worth it trying to answer all those notes, and the having to ask all those people if they still like the series, let alone Sonia.

In short, enjoy the new group, and rejoin. ALL OF YOU, since I'm now the only member.

EDIT: I've (hopefully) fixed the join button, try again if it didn't work for you.
About time SOMEONE logged into this account eh?  Aquaslash here.  Finally recovered the account data, so I'm gonna try to kick start this club back into gear.  I see there are many many notes, and over the next few weeks, I'm gonna try to answer them all.  Also bear with me on the layout.  I can't exactly afford a sub right now XD

• I can't stress this enough. DO NOT FAVE ANYTHING YOU SEE UPLOADED TO THE CLUB.  There will be links to original deviations, and from here on out, with the exception of club exclusives (yes there will be some), I'm gonna start watermarking the images as well.  Come on people, note the policies.

• About that club exclusive bit.  Well, if you've been keeping up with me online, you know there's a very special project involving Sonia I've been working on.  There are others in it's image so I'll be uploading special works to here over the weeks.  Keep on the lookout.

• Lastly, the official rules do say that you have to note to join.  This is because I'm NOT going to keep track of the front page comments, so your request will likely not be seen.

Thanks for visiting, and your virtue of patience shall soon pay off!

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